My Week

So every once in awhile I like to post a little catch up about Melissa. It’s been a little bit, because I’ve been having fun writing about how to make dinner easier and Yoga in the Park.

So, this week my life isn’t about updating the website or cooking for the regular clients or even going after new clients in my new hometown of Salem. This week, and for the next few weeks I get to do so many of my favorite things and I can’t sleep cause I’m so excited.

First off, I get to see my kids and it’s been a few months. I never ever thought I’d be one of those moms who wasn’t a daily part of her kids lives. I will be again, but these last few months I really struggle with the guilt of not being there for all the little ups and downs that make family life. Last week my daughter had a car accident, her first car accident. And I wasn’t there. She wasn’t badly hurt, but she was sore and scared and she probably could have used her Mom.

So there’s that.

This week my wee little first born turns 18. Yikes! How is that possible? And I’m flying back to Kansas to celebrate with her. It’s the most important thing I’ll do over the next few weeks. I have little outings planned for us. Outings like snacks and lunches at all our favorite places, visits to the art museum and campus and maybe even a few walks together. I’m not sure what happened to her jogging plans, but maybe I can introduce her to the benefits and fun of walking. It’s what saved me many times in my life. Maybe I can share it with her.

My son is homeschooling again this year and I get to swoop in and be the hero cause I’ll do all the outings and fun stuff that his Dad doesn’t do. And then when I leave he’ll get to do the fun things with his Dad that I don’t do.  But I also get to snuggle up with him and read Harry Potter, which these days I only do through Skype and I get to take him out for donuts and take him to the pool and all the things that I sorely miss.

While being away from my kids has been guilt producing and really hard, it’s also been really good for all of us. My daughter summed it up best when she wrote me a birthday card for my 45th birthday in June. She sad that while it’s been hard it’s taken us away from the monotony and problems of the day to day and as a result she and I are closer. She’s right. While I’m not there when she slams the door in her brother’s face, we now talk every day about more than what’s for dinner. Every single day we have what I would consider a good conversation. We talk about colleges and her fears and her triumphs. She tells on her brother and often her father and I amazingly do more parenting for her 1500 miles away than I  did when I made her eat protein every morning before school.

My son’s thing is to tell me mind-numbing details about his Minecraft adventures. I usually kind of zone out cause I don’t understand much about Minecraft. What I find amazing though is that he’ll talk to me excitedly for as long as I let him. If I were home and asked about his day there would be one word answers and eye rolls.

Communication has gone up 400%. This year I learned that great parenting is possible long distance and that for us it’s about more than I was doing when I was cooking dinner and driving kids here, there and everywhere.

So there’s that.

Also this week I’ll teach my first Yoga in the Park yoga class in Lawrence since April. So, Ill get to catch up with regular students and introduce some new students to my teaching. We’re focusing on stress and anxiety relief along with some core strengthening.  I love teaching these subjects cause they make me feel helpful and relevant. I love hearing from students that take these classes and the benefits of the practices. I love that they relax into the practice and let it heal and help them.

And finally this week I will reconnect with friends. Some of them I’ve been chatting with on FB and talking on the phone with regularly. Some of them I have neither seen nor heard from in a few months. I’m crazy excited to just hang out on Mass St, have tea/wine/drinks and catch up. I’m looking forward to meeting friends at all my regular haunts. I’m looking forward to just relaxing into the familiar comfort of old friendships.

So this is the catch up with me. Chicago folks, I’m not sure that I’ll be there this time around, but I should know in a few weeks. I won’t be teaching Yoga in the Park, but I’ll be available for private sessions and Ananda sessions.

Salem folks, many of whom are new friends, I should be back in late October and maybe we’ll be able to squeeze in some well layered Yoga in the Park sessions. Look for Yoga for Anxiety Workshop in November. New York friends I have nothing to tell you. Perhaps in the New Year we’ll practice together.

For more information about Yoga in the Park check out the website. I will be blogging and updating while I’m traveling. Go to FB for tips, updates and more catch up.


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