Woman_computerI’m not doing NaBloPoMo this year. To be fair, I never do it. But in other years around the 3rd or 4th I say, SHIT, I was going to do that blogging thing and then I try to do a post a day and I make excuses for why I couldn’t start at the 1st like everyone else. Then around the 14th or 15th I miss a day and then I miss another day and then I write a big excuse pose about why this is so hard for me. And a post for a day or two and then the pattern continues.

I’m cutting myself some slack this year. Yes, the discipline would be good for me. Yes, I love to write and should relish this opportunity. November is gratitude month and I have so much to say about gratitude this assignment should be easy. It’s not.

I’m not someone who easily writes short little posts. I’m not someone who re-tells the cute little story from dinner last night easily. I’m not the person who is motivated to write everyday and for some reason I’m also not the person who can write a few posts and schedule them ahead. The tech seems difficult for me and I don know, I’m lazy.

So I am enthusiastically not doing NaBloPoMo this year.  I’m not going to lie to you or to myself anymore. I’m going to cut myself some slack and instead of doing this stressful challenge right before the holidays, I’m going to take good care of myself, take long walks and be quiet with my thoughts and post when I feel compelled to, which hopefully will be more often than not.

I taught a lot of folks Yoga for Anxiety last month. I really stressed being present with what is, really looking for the truth and not avoiding, rewriting or denying what’s true. I encouraged people to be gentle an kind with themselves. Don’t judge, don’t punish but always be ruthlessly honest.

It’s this awareness that allows us to transform. It happens on the mat as well as off. If you’re honest with how your pose feels, how present you are in it and maybe even how it looks, then you can work on transforming the pose and yourself. If you’re not honestly in the pose, if your mind is somewhere else, if your body isn’t releasing into, but instead resisting or clinging onto to what it wants to do, the benefits of the pose are lost to you.

The key to growing, changing, maturing is to be relentless in the awareness of what is. Be honest in your assessment of truth and reality.

Honestly, I’m not doing NaBlogPoMo.

Start thinking about gratitude. Feel free to share. We’re writing about gratitude A LOT this month.


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