What are you dreaming?

Okay, so the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year have passed. Many of us have already given up on our resolutions. This is when it gets real. This is when we stop talking about things we don’t really want to do. Most years that means that we give up on our goals/dreams/resolutions.

2015 is asking us something different. 2015 is asking us to be real. To really listen. To be honest.

What are you really dreaming about? Not what you Should do or are Supposed to do. Let those words creep out of your vocabulary and in their place put Want, Dream, Desire, Crave.

What are you craving? What’s in your heart?

I’m often afraid of really admitting what I want. Cause so often I think I shouldn’t. I’m letting go of that. Last week I wanted fried shrimp. Now, for the most part I don’t eat like that. I don’t eat processed food, which inevitably fried shrimp-even on the East Coast-will be. I didn’t want to admit to anyone, not even myself that I was craving fried seafood.

You know what? I’m done with that. I don’t have a fried shrimp habit. I don’t even have a fried habit. My boyfriend is going away for ten days and then I’m out of town for five days, for two weeks in a row and then I’m out of town for a month straight. So, yes I wanted something comforting and a little decadent and I don’t do this every day or even every month. So I’m letting go of my shame and I’m saying loudly I WANT FRIED SHRIMP.

I’m encourage you to embrace whatever it is you really want, you really crave, you are dreaming about.

Cause one day soon I’m going to be able to say other bigger things that I REALLY really want. And I’m not going to be nervous or afraid. And I’m not going to think they really won’t happen. And I’m going to say it all really loud and really enthusiastically.

I encourage you to do the same.


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