Anxiety and Depression hate for us to show up

This is the fifteenth year that I’ve been teaching yoga. It snuck up on me and I’m quickly putting together things to celebrate. We’re all going to have fun over the next 12 months.

With so much teaching and putting myself in front of people you’d think that showing up would be easy for me. And maybe to some people I really do show up and am very visible. Honestly, though, I so desperately want to fly under the radar. Out there is scary. Here in my little corner is really safe and comfortable. I am passionate about teaching though. I don’t feel like me if I’m not teaching and if I can help people heal their anxiety/depression or whatever ails them then I feel of service. That feeling, that urge is overwhelming to me. Otherwise I’d be a professional blogger or something I could do in my pajamas at home.

I’m taking a Right Brainer’s Business Tele-summit with Jennifer Lee, author of The Right Brained Business Plan and Building Your Business The Right Brained Way. Early in the tele-summit Jenn asked us  to think about showing up and being more visible. So far, I’ve made a video to introduce myself-terrifying, but then it turned out to be fun and this week I posted my to-do list for some accountability. It’s not a lot, but considering that the first two years I did the tele-summit I lurked in the background and just did the free watching videos part, it’s actually huge.

All week I’ve been thinking about being visible and showing up. I’ve thought about how it would change my day to day life and how it would change things for my students and clients. I think I’ve written about showing up because I can be a spotty poster, but this idea of being visible…it’s big. But I’m trying.

I’ve had two big thoughts about being visible. The first is that anxiety and depression desperately want us to keep flying under the radar. They want us isolated and small so they can grow and we can crouch in the corner. Or at least that’s  what my anxiety wants.

Not only does my anxiety want to keep me quiet so she can sing loud, but she also does not want me to create community and connection by showing my face. When we choose to live in love and community we start to change the world.

So, here’s a bit of accountability that I think I’ve put here before. Now, though, I’m not just telling you guys I have this glorious group of women to help me reach my goals and dreams. I’m putting my face out there and singing louder than my anxiety.  I’m celebrating my 15th year of teaching with bells and whistles.

Look in the next few months for me to more visible with more photos, videos, new groups and lots of workshops.

How are you going to show up more in your life?


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