Embracing Ease

The last few months have been months of huge growth for me. My life is shifting (isn’t it always) and things are starting to align in a very sustainable way. It’s a very exciting time,

My kids are doing great, my work-life is opening and expanding, my love life is beautiful. It’s just one of those rare times when everything is falling into place.

You can see what’s coming, right? You know how much this must scare me, right?

Well, yes. But I’m slowly learning to relax into it and let it be okay to be scared cause things are fantastic.

A few months ago I signed up for the Right Brainers Business Telesummit and shelled out the bucks for the premium group that offers group support, accountability and coaching. Run by Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching this experience has been incredible! Just the private FB group with all it’s bright, creative souls and cheerleading has been worth it.

A former yoga teacher,  Lee speaks my language. She talks about finding business answers by getting quiet and listening to your heart. She believes in self-care and mindfulness.

So for the last two months, by watching Lee model it,  I’ve worked on Embracing Ease in both my personal life and private life. I’ve looked at where I’m making it more difficult than it needs to be. I’ve dug down and identified when my making it difficult is really about  my ego and not about doing what’s best.  Or smartest.

Delicately linked with embracing ease is self-care. Now, I know this is a tough one for a lot of us. I hear from my students how tough it is. I sometimes have to fight them and my private clients to take time to take care of themselves and I know several close friends who have confided they struggle with it all the time.

Let me tell you about #selfcarefridays. It’s a Jenn Lee thing and I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s more than just stealing 30 minutes before you pick up the kids for a pedicure. It’s more intentional, more sacred, more functional than indulging in late night ice cream in front of the tv. Those things may be me time, but that’s not the same as self-care. I think this distinction is really important and one that people, especially women, get easily confused.

Self-care time is the block of time that you set aside for yourself because it’s down time to just indulge and enjoy yourself. It’s intentional time, not stolen time. It’s sacred time to draw your energy in, not give it out. It’s about taking care of yourself so you’re more grounded, more centered and therefore more effective and more productive. It’s not paying the bills because then you’ll feel less stressed, it’s getting a massage so you’ll feel less stressed and better able to deal with everyday life stuff, like the bills.

What I’ve found after a few weeks of #selfcarefriday is that it’s an integral part of embracing ease. The more I take long walks, sink into the yummiest yoga stretches, rejuvenate with massage and indulge in whole fresh foods, prepared with love and compassion at my favorite vegetarian restaurant the more life flows without effort. The more I believe that I am worthy of time, energy and money the more I’m out of my ego in my interactions with my family and loved ones.  When I believe I’m worthy of self-care and actually take care of myself I’m a more open, whole, compassionate and loving person. That makes embracing ease simple and fun. It makes it exciting.

It’s Monday and I challenge you to plan some self-care this week. It doesn’t have to be on Friday, but it does have to be intentional and it has to be something that helps you feel more relaxed, energetic and inspired. Have fun, now GO!

Got a #selfcarefriday pic? Share it on FB or Instagram with #selfcarefriday and/or #selfcareyogis


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