Intentional Sundays

orchidsSunday is that beautiful day that just feels easy and relaxed, right? Actually for a lot of 9-5ers Sunday is a fairly stressful day. It’s a day that people pressure themselves to get it all done and make sure the rest of the week runs smoothly. It’s a day that they physically get ready for the next five days.

But what about getting spiritually ready for the week? We so rarely do that, but it makes all the difference.

So what does that look like? Even though I’ve only been a 9-5er a few short times in my life, I still act as if Sunday is the beginning of the week. After all my clients are mostly 9-5ers and my love is a 9-5er, so my life is guided by them.

Sunday si the day that I get very clear about the rest of the week. I look at a calendar and see what I’ve already got lined up. Then I add the things that add flavor and interest to my life. Who am I having coffee/drinks/dinner with this week? Which yoga classes do I want to make? When am I going to hit the gym. I look at the weather for the week. This Monday it’s going to be almost 80 degrees in the winter-torn North Shore of Boston so I think I’ll skip the gym and walk outdoors.

Basically I think about my core values. Body, mind, spirit development and growth, connection, love, play and I make sure that I am investing time and energy in them during the week.  Work is a given, but I do look at when I want to blog, work on my book, etc.

Now, I won’t pretend I’m perfect at this or even fairly adept. I struggle with it, because I hate schedules and routines. They make me feel anxious and tied down, so I like to keep it loose and easy. Luckily, getting up early on Sunday morning, sipping my dark roast and planning my week feels like September and back-to-school. I love it, so I do it. During the week, though, I have to keep it light and easy. If I’d hoped to workout on Wednesday morning but my mood and productivity level say, let’s write for awhile and then go to gym, I do it. And I’m learning not to beat myself up if I don’t make it to the gym at all.

But back to planning- next is the big part, the important, it’s all worth it part. I meditate about the things I have planned; the podcast I want to listen to while I chop veggies for dinner on Wednesday, the yoga class that makes me glow, the new playlist I created for working out, the Friday client who is struggling. I get quiet and centered on my week and set intention. How do I want to walk through this week? I have my schedule, goals and plans, but how am I going to show up this week?

It differs from week to week depending a myriad of factors. The last few weeks I’ve been working on #selfcarefriday and embracing ease so I’ve looked for the softer way, the middle path in everything I do. It’s made a huge difference in how I respond to my work and how I think of myself.

I encourage you to take some time today and be intentional about your week. How do you want to walk through the week? With love and compassion in your heart? With energy and lightness? What are your core values? How do you honor them. Get on the mat, close your eyes and just get quiet.

Have a great week!


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