That Super Moon

It’s the morning after the third night of struggling with sleep. My body is exhausted and my mind is only moving with the help of Starbucks. I really just want to climb back in bed, but the cleaning people are scheduled today. I’m really scrambling trying to figure out how tonight is going to be better. I have clients tomorrow and I can’t have another day of being this unproductive because my brain is mush.

Should I buy a bottle of wine? Or a six pack? Last night’s benedryl/melatonin combo did nothing.

Organizing my day is tough. I can’t keep a thought in my head. Am I terribly dehydrated? Is that why I’m so scattered. So I decide to just walk some things over to the new yoga office. Slowly over the last few weeks I’ve been decorating and organizing and each time a regular client comes they comment on how it’s coming along and how comfy and cozy it is. This has been fun, so I think maybe I should just focus on that.

When I climb the stairs and open the door, I just want to collapse on the bolster. I drop my bags in the corner, turn on the fan and do a chest opener over the purple bolster.  As I’m lying there heartopeningIIIthinking about how I need the energy and increased circulation this pose gives me, the image of the huge moon pops into my head.

The super moon! Of course. How come I didn’t connect it earlier? Normally during a full moon my sleep gets disrupted a bit and since sleep is such an issue for me, I don’t always put it together. This has been three nights of sleeping only an hour or so at a time and then waking every 3o minutes the rest of the night. Even then I’m wide awake at 5:30 and have been starting my day. You’d think that would mean I could fall asleep early. Nope. I’m just….Exhausted.

Armed with this new information, I flip over and do a supported twist over the bolster. My favorite. The one that all my clients rave always helps them fall back asleep. Of course, for me, the person who taught them the pose it never works as well, but it does work. Then I do a supported child’s restorativepose and legs up the wall. After about 40 minutes on the mat, the creaky crankies are worked out and I feel a bit more energetic, but the beauty in these poses is that tonight I’ll sleep better.  It’s not like taking an Ambien, it’s more gentle and easy on the system. If they’re doing their job right, I’ll just sleep and not even remember that I did poses to help me sleep!

Having trouble sleeping, managing your anxiety and/or depression or have back/neck/hip/knee pain? Check out A Yogi Kitchen. If you’re in the Boston area you can come on up to Salem and schedule a session at the yoga office. For a small fee, I’ll come to you. If you’re in the KC area you’ll have to wait till November. Online classes coming soon!



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