Failure, It Takes Us Right Where We’re Supposed To Be

Lately my inbox has been filled with blog posts about failure. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? It’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about and then BAM, it pops up all over the place.

Kiala Givehand  recently sent a newsletter about how she planned a big event for her business and it didn’t work out. She was so excited and so pumped, because it was BIG. She had people sign up and then some had to drop out, she had to change the date,  some people stayed, some more people dropped out. She felt awful. She felt like a failure. And then she stopped. She examined her feelings around failure and she started to count the blessings.

Breathe (2)I can totally relate, I planned on teaching Breathe, an online yoga course for anxiety and depression. I planned the launch, I sent out the newsletter, I emailed people personally, I put it all over social media. I had people interested. One paid. Other’s dropped their interest before paying. I had one person. You can’t run a group online class with one person.

Luckily, that one person is a wonderful client who understood and shows up again and again. We talked and agreed that we would do the course as a one-on-one online experience.

Meanwhile, I was feeling like a big loser. I had failed. Let me really clear I failed. The class is solid, the benefits are huge. My business cohorts, other yoga therapists and teachers, people who struggle with anxiety or depression have expressed how important they think this work is. They’ve thanked me for doing it.

Yet, I only had one person sign up. I failed. Somehow, I didn’t communicate correctly, or price it right or something.

I really struggled with my feelings of failure. I was feeling like a big loser until I read Kiala’s newsletter.

Kiala  found that by moving her Barcelona retreat.  Yes! That’s right, she’s doing a turning in and getting centered retreat in Barcelona! It’s a far cry from my little online attempt and a far cry from that failure. If you’re interested in a tour of Barcelona with some fun creatives, you should check her out. She’s so wonderful and I have no doubt this is going to be a fabulous retreat.

Anyway, Kiala found that by moving her retreat the cost dropped considerably. The people who were still on board thought the new date sounded better anyway. Because the price dropped, she attracted clients who were interested but couldn’t make it work before. Her failure turned out better than she could have planned.

And that’s the lesson.

This summer, I’ve been traveling. There have been times that I thought things were going to happen a certain way. Every single time they didn’t happen the way I thought. Someone didn’t join me when I thought they were going to, I didn’t hit a city on the day I thought…it worked out better than I could have anticipated. Every single time.

There’s a 12-step saying; This or something better. That’s what keeps showing up for me. Something better.

Additionally, my business coach Jenn Lee has been exhorting me to embrace ease, Danielle LaPorte has been imploring me to not hold things so precious. Slowly, I’m learning.

This summer I went to my 25th college reunion and I had some plans. Most of them didn’t work out. However, I had the time of my life. I had the best weekend ever because my plans didn’t work out..

So, are you wondering about Breathe?

Once I started putting it out there that the course wasn’t happening as a group class and I was working with someone on-on one, other people jumped up and said me too!

The Universe talks to us in interesting ways, doesn’t it? Sometimes, the lessons are really hard. There’s disappointment and big feelings; feelings of rejection, feelings of failure, feelings of loss. Yet, somehow it always works out. I guess that’s the lesson.

I can’t plan things. I need to put the intention out there and then let it go. Somehow, I forgot that. Somehow, I thought I could hustle and bustle and make things happen. That never works well. Don’t get me wrong, I can make things happen, but if I hold it lightly, if I just relax into it, it always works out better than I thought.


Breathe, an online yoga course for anxiety and depression is open to start whenever it works for you best. 




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