Breakfast soup

Shitake mushrooms cleaned, stemmed and sliced for Breakfast Soup. I developed this recipe with a client. She is a busy professional and one day only had soup in the fridge to grab on her way to work. She actually loved how she felt with a big dose of protein and veggies in the morning. It kept her till a late lunch. Her brain felt clear and productive. it’s the benefit of eating a lot of protein first thing. It was low-carb so she didn’t have any kind of a slump. She overall felt great! So we created Breakfast Soup, full of a great combo of super-foods. Ground turkey, onions, turnips, kale, garlic, Shitakes and carrots. I added the garlic with the onions first to simmer with the ground turkey as I broke it up and then at the very end to keep all the health benefits of raw garlic. Next time we’re talking about a bit of potato just to help it stay with her just a little longer.


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