Winter Travel

17 hours of travel so far. Being stuck in In Kansas City for 12 hours due to slick roads is worlds better than being stuck at LaGuardia for an hour delay.

It’s been a rough couple of days. I worked a 12 hour day on Friday, which means I’ve had back to back 20 hours days, my dad’s in the hospital, I lost my laptop and my ride is having back spasms so this day will be even longer. 

Last night I slept on the floor near a baggage carousel that was under construction. I had free Wi-Fi, I was warm and because I snore, I pretty much had the area to myself. I got five hours of sleep and while I need much, much more, my back feels great and I’m feeling pretty okay. 

A laptop is replaceable. While my dad is very ill, he’s feeling better and will probably go home on Monday. I got a free Bloody Mary on the plane. No one got in a car last night for a slippery ride to the airport. No one is in a ditch. I’m not at an area hospital. I’m going back to my corner to catch more sleep and maybe watch a little Netflix. 

Tired and ready to see my babies, but grateful for the little things. 

#gratitude #kci #kansas #kansascityairport #winterweather #roadadvisory


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