Monday Intention

Monday Intention

It’s Monday! And it’s nutrition month!

One of my favorite classes of the week is Sunday mornings online. Not only do I teach Slow Flow, which really speaks to me and how I want to help my students, but some of my favorite students show up very consistently for that class. Also, I LOVE teaching on Sundays. I love starting the week with some mindful movement and connection.

How do you like to start the week? Does it carry into the rest of the week. I feel like slow Flow on Sunday mornings sets the tone for my whole week!

One of the things that I do on Sundays, especially, is to invite students to set intention for the week. Sunday is the perfect day for setting intention, but Monday isn’t too late. If you haven’t set intention yet, this is a perfect day to do it. it can be for the next seven days or it can just be for this work week or whatever works for you. The great thing about taking yoga off the mat and into your life is that there are very few rules. You get to do what works for you.

This month we’re focusing on nutrition and today I invite you to set intention around your nutritional needs this week. Do you need to eat more veggies? Hydrate more? Up your protein? Cut back on sugar? I’m going to write more about sugar in the next few days, but for now, just get quiet and listen to yourself mind/body/spirit.

Speaking of life off the mat, I recorded a check-in for you at the podcast a few days ago. Check-ins can help you get grounded and prioritize your needs. They help you really, deeply listen to who you are in the moment. You can use it to help you get centered before you work on setting intention. Share with your friends and family!

After you’ve listened and breathed and settled into your intention, grab your journal and write your intention and whatever else you need to stay focused this week. Maybe some inspiration? write down a few meals you’re looking forward to or your favorite super hydrating drink. Maybe this is the week you indulge yourself in some decadent way to help you stay present with your intention.

I hope you’re having an especially Mindful Monday!


How To Journal If You’re Not A Journaler

I started journaling when i was a kid. Literally, a kid. I used to type out my thoughts on my semi-automatic that I got for my tenth birthday. Sometimes I would start a novel. I don’t know what happened to those early pages, but I still have my journal from my senior year of highschool that lasted into my arrival at college and the first few months in Iowa. Perhaps by then I was just recording my experiences, heavily edited and not thinking I was writing a great novel.

I love writing in a fresh journal. I have been known to be super-excited about going to sleep so that I can wake up in the morning to write. Sometimes. I see words in my head as I’m speaking or even thinking about what I want to write.

When I first started working with a therapist, she was pleased that I liked to journal and it was an established skill. I felt like I was acing therapy before I’d even begun. We can talk about that neurosis a different time.

Years later, I would teach a journaling class to women struggling with sobriety and a writing class for female survivors (which was probably just journaling). Then I would incorporate this deep healing practice into my own workshops.

When I started making journal prompts and entries a regular part of the grief journal week course and the self-love challenge as well as BreatheEcourse and BreatheOnline, I started noticing resistance. there was a push back. Frankly, I was surprised, floored even. I loved journaling and writing so much, I couldn’t understand. Even if I could understand that not everyone liked to write as much as I did, I thought -It’s good for you, do it anyway!

Now, I get it a little better. Not completely, but better, and I have a few thoughts about finding some ease in it.

First, remember that journaling IS good for you. We all need a second to process, but it also helps us see patterns and recognize thoughts that we wouldn’t without capturing them. I know it’s easy to think that you couldn’t possible forget, but I promise getting it down on paper will make sure it’s there for you later. Cause later feels different than you think it will.

Let me share something I learned that’s really cool and may inspire you. In 2014 or so. there was a small study in New Zealand where people were given a punch biopsy in their arm. So, basically a small chunk of flesh was removed from participants’ upper arms. Half the group was told to journal everyday for at least 20 minutes three times a week and half the group was told to do not journal. After 11 days 76% of the group that wrote, whatever they wanted to write for 20 minutes, had fully healed compared to 49% of the control group.

So, not only is journaling and/or expressive writing good for your mental health to help you process and heal, but it heals you physically as well. That alone is a reason to journal!

if that doesn’t convince you entirely, think about the supplies! A new journal and great pen are one of the most exciting parts of my year. Literally. What do you like? Leather bound and fountain? Spiral and ball point? Somewhere in-between? Go browse your favorite local store for supplies and treat yourself!

Oh! There’s a part to this I haven’t explained. You have to put pen to paper. It’s one of my rules for students and clients, but there’s a reason. That action is completely different when it comes to brain activity. For healing and processing, you want to put pen to paper.

Ok, so maybe you’re kinda moving towards accepting that this is a good thing? After all, you get to shop for some cool supplies. i just posted on Instagram how i worked at two different bookstores. I didn’t mention that they were both college bookstores and i think it’s where my obsession started. I love a good Parker

One of the ways that I like to journal is often called morning pages. it’s a concept from the amazingly perceptive and creative Julia Cameron. In her classic book, The Artist’s Way, she guides you to write every morning for three pages, front and back. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you or what you write. Just start writing and don’t stop. I’m cool if that feeds you, but what I often teach is write for 20. minutes. Time makes more sense to my anxiety brain than space. But that’s just me and there’s no right or wrong. As Cameron herself might say, you can’t do it wrong. Choose first, what you’re doing. Are you doing 3 pages, are you doing 20 minutes.? Stick to that every day. Do it first thing in the morning. You get a minute to pee and perhaps grab coffee/tea/water, but that’s it. Put your butt in the chair and write (also something I just mentioned in IG). Don’t think, don’t plan, just put your pen on the paper and write.

Morning Pages clear your brain by getting rid of the clutter. By just writing, without thinking, you naturally and organically prioritize. Maybe it’s how the day is supposed to go, maybe it’s how you think about your life. either way, it’s pretty cool.

If you’re really, really resisting, I have a super simple way for you to just start the process. So many of us hold journaling in a weird place. Journaling is just writing down shit. So, do that. Make a list. This is one of the most simple ways for people who don’t like to journal to get in the habit. Just like any habit, you’re going to need to train yourself to do it.

If you choose this kind of journaling, I still encourage you to get yourself something inspiring to write in and with. You’re just going to write a list or a series of lists. Lots of people have a gratitude list and I highly suggest that, but I encourage my clients to do a variation of a gratitude list. I know it sounds hokey, especially if you’re resisting jounaling anyway, buyt I promise you, you will notice a change in your life if you keep up with this for a few weeks. hopefully, it will be a new practice in your life.

First, put the date and time. then write

My Bodt




Write three things about how you’re feeling physically in this moment. close your eyes and breathe. take a few deep breaths to center and ground you. Then just jot down three things. it can be as simple as Back Hurts. Or you can go into more detail. It’s about to rain and I’m feeling the arthritis in my low back. I’m achy. (That’s me right now)

then write My Heart and do the same for how you’re feeling emotionally in the moment.

Finally write My Brain and notice how you’re doing mentally in this moment. This one is especially helpful if you have a mental health issue. With my anxiety brain I like to notice the thoughts. Are there a lot? Just a few? Are they swimming, jumping, spinning floating through your brain. join me for class sometime and I walk you through the process, usually as we’re getting centered at the beginning.

Then, write Please and then 1, 2, 3 and ask for what you’d like for the day. if you have a higher power or someone that you pray to, this may be a bit like that. I ask for things i can control. Patience, kindness, compassion are often on my list. sometimes it’s energy, focus, productivity.

Finally, write Thank You and write three things that you’re grateful for. Sometimes I write something like, My health. Sometimes I actually thank the universe. I’ll say Thank you for helping me stay patient when I really wanted to just quyity and move on.

So, these are my two suggestions for you. I’m eager to hear your experience with these. try each of the suggestions, but you don’t have to like them or use them. Google journaling tips. read Julia Cameron. Honestly, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just put your pen to paper and write. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, punctuation, diction or syntax. Just write. Don’t cross out and never, ever tear pages out. Just write.

if you join us at the beginning of the year for BreatheOnline my 8 week course for managing your mental health, we’ll go into much more depth and we’ll talk about obstacles and getting stuck. For right now, juast write and ENJOY the process!


Hearing My Voice

The internet is an interesting thing, isn’t it? I know, we’ve been saying that for a lot of years, but lately the acts of blogging and podcasting are striking me as particularly odd and only available due to the internet. I’ve been thinking mostly about how I present myself and how we all present ourselves to the world online.

I came from a family of origin that held a lot of secrets. So much so, that after my dad’s death, I still don’t know who my grandfather was. The people who knew are dead and all my sister’s genealogy work hasn’t uncovered anything. So transparency, authenticity and honesty are extremely important values to me. It feels odd to me that being in class versus reading the blog versus listening to the podcast versus getting the newsletter are all different experiences. Perhaps that’s what we’ve all come to accept these days?

Much of it has to do with having a voice. I feel honored and privileged to have a voice and platforms on which to share it. I appreciate the feedback I get from listeners, students, clients and readers. However, I realize that I think it’s weird that you haven’t heard my voice. I think there is an intimacy in hearing my timbre, my cadence and my pitch.

When I’m just talking with a loved one or friend, I can be a bit excitable, talk a little too fast and get higher pitched. Many people who know me well have commented that when I teach my voice gets lower and slower and is very calming and peaceful. Many people like my classes, cause they like to hear my voice. I think I have a sense of everything’s-going-to-be-okay when I teach. When I talk on the podcast, I’ve learned to talk slower, but there’s a sharting tone in my voice. It’s a sharing, let-me-tell-you-what-works for me me tone that I also seem to use when I teach courses and workshops online and when I work with wellness clients one-on-one.

Well, as I was listening to the replay of the podcast this morning, which was very similar to the blog post content, I realized there’s no real reason for there to be listeners and readers. You could be both. Each experience is a bit different. You could read the blog and listen to the podcast and be online with me. There will be more of that available outside of online yoga classes soon. But check-out the yoga schedule and think about joining us next week. This week I’m taking a bit of a break.

So, I wanted to pop in here and invite you to listen to the podcast. We talked about getting clear and I even did a quick mini check-in to help you focus. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


Let’s Talk About Food

June is nutrition month at A Yogi Kitchen. So, let’s talk about food. I invite you to think about how you’ve been eating. I encourage you to close your eyes for a moment and take some deep breaths as you think about your last meal. How do you feel about that meal?

I’m a big believer in taking a bit of time to get present about what’s real and true in the moment. Don’t worry about last month or last year. Just think about your las meal. Let’s take a look at some, possibly, uncomfortable questions. Be honest with yourself and perhaps even grab your journal to keep track of what you’re feeling about nutrition this month.

We can’t talk about nutrition without looking at our habits and feelings, both negative and positive, around food. Let’s be clear, though, what we’re focusing on this. month is not about weight. It’s not about how you look, but rather how you feel. We’re focusing on how you feel mind/body/spirit in relation to food.

I work with clients to help them eat better for their health, especially their mental health. When we eat well. our bodies feel better and have more energy and less pain. Our brains are more clear and able to focus better and we’re better able to access our serotonin.

Sp. let’s go back to thinking about the last meal you ate. Well, let’s slow down there for a moment. Did you eat a meal or did you just grab something on the run? Whatever you ate last, I encourage you to think about it. Breathe it. Can you remember it? Taste it. How do you feel about it? Did you actually sit for a meal? How often are you grabbing something or eating over the sink? Just be aware and try not to judge yourself.

Do you have feelings of shame or guilt around what you ate? Did it make you feel good body/mind/spirit or did it upset your stomach, give you a headache or make you feel sluggish? If you didn’t notice or can’t remember that’s okay. The next time you eat, don’t change your choices, but be present with any sensations that you feel about 30 minutes after eating. Do you have more energy? Less? How’s your mood. This is a really good one to record. If that’s all you do to begin with, record your mood after a meal. If you’re seeing any patterns, note them.

Tomorrow when you wake up, I invite you to notice how you feel first thing. Does your body ache? Are you stiff? Is your brain jumping right into the day or do you feel heavy and unmotivated. Regardless of age, all of these can be signs that you could be eating better. Whether that means you need to talk to your doctor about food allergies and sensitivities or just reduce your sugar and increase your fiber,l and work on absorbing more nutrients. .

If we stay present with food and nutrition over the next month (and since we’re getting a late start, let’s do a whole month), we may feel very different in 30 days.

If this inspires you in any way, grab your journal and stay present with who you are body/mind/spirit. If you’re not a big one for journals, I still encourage you to have at least a spiral notebook and jot down some basic facts. It can be a list, just a few words, a letter to yourself, a letter to me (that I’ll never see). I promise you, it will help you to keep track of your thoughts around food and nutrition this month.

Have you been wanting to make a change? June is the month. Follow A Yogi Kitchen on IG, FB, Twitter, in the newsletter to get recipes, journal prompts, tips and inspiration around shifting your eating habits for better nutrition and to feel better mind/body/spirit. It’s going to be a fun month!


The Perfect Morning Message

It’s June! If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I am so happy it’s June. Like, annoyingly happy. I think my fiance is a little tired of me already and it’s only the second day!

To be fair, I love new beginnings and fresh starts. Don’t you? I also really like change. Sometimes it freaks me out, but in the long run I always come to appreciate it. So, I have a burst of energy right now. I am writing more, practicing more, walking more and savoring everything more. .

This morning I naturally woke up early and was able to take some time to have coffee, stretch a bit and then walk before my Pop-Up Yoga class. I had the best walk I’ve had in a long time. My body felt strong and flexible, ny mind felt clear and I just couldn’t stop looking at the sky. It was blue!

We have had an unusual May in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s rained for weeks. It’s been gray and dark and moody. Now, I grew up in Chicago and spend part of my year there, so I’m not new to long dreary, gray moody weeks, but it’s unusual for Kansas.

Kansas is the sixth sunniest state in the US. We are used to a bit of cloudy and dreary here and there, but weeks at a time and people here get cranky. You walk in the local grocers and people are scowling. People are snippy with each other and feeling the lack of sun mind/body/spirit.

So, today as I was walking, I couldn’t stop looking at the sky. I took so many pictures of rooflines and blue sky. It was the perfect second day of June. Yesterday was pretty too, so it’s making me even more energetic and excited for this birthday month than ever.

But the big, exciting. perfect thing that happened this morning was that I listened to Marie Forleo’s podcast as I was walking. Now, listening to a podcast while I’m walking is entirely new to me. I really love my jams to get my heart rate up and feel fierce while I’m exercising. But it’s a new month and about to be the beginning of a new year for me, so I wanted to mix it up. I got the absolute perfect thing that I was supposed to hear this morning.

I’m a big fan of Marie Forleo , for what she has to say about women business owners and small business owners. As a former dancer, she also has a lot to say about mind/body/spirit connection. I appreciate that about her so much. And it felt like the perfect thing to listen to on the second day of the month, in the month that we’re focusing on Nutrition

This morning The Marie Forleo Podcast begged me to listen to an episode about trauma, mindfulness and nutrition. What?

Not everyone who reads the blog knows that I teach yoga as a way to manage and heal your anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD. So, I could not have asked for a more perfect episode to walk with. But really? On the second day of my birthday month? To hit an episode that so perfectly fits everything I’m focusing on? What a gift.

I’m not inviting you to focus on nutrition to lose weight, or to be able to run/lift/jazzercise better.. I’ve been focusing on nutrition for better brain and mental health and this episode is all about that exact focus.

So! Enjoy it. I did and I will listen to it over and over for a few days. I like to make sure I absorb every nugget of wisdom when I find something that hits me as right as this did. Then in a week or so, I’ll probably listen again.

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did. Please send Marie your love and respect. We all love feedback and for those of us that do our stuff online these days, it can be a little lonely. So, hearing from you makes a huge difference for us.

Real quick, before you move on to Marie. A Yogi Kitchen’s podcast is in transition (yes, again). It will still be about lessons to take off the mat, but there’s some technical stuff to take care of. Look for a new episode next week. If you’d like to have coffee/tea with me and chat about yoga, mindfulness, lessons. nutrition and/or mental health drop me a note. I would love to connect with you.

Okay, go ! Enjoy Marie. We’ll talk soon.


It’s June! The Happiest of ALL Months

Happy June! I’m so excited about this month. You might know me, or you might have guessed-It’s my birthday month!

I LOVE my birthday. I am not shy about it and I don’t believe it’s just a one day celebration. It has often been a month long party and I’m back to that feeling this year.

So, first off, let me say that I’m also not afraid of or am embarrassed by aging. I love every age that I am. This year I’ll be 52 and I wear that proudly. My life hasn’t been easy. It started off really hard and gradually, slowly over time. I’ve learned to manage it so that it’s pretty good most days now. I worked hard in those 52 years to get here and get this peace and happiness. It’s not always pretty, graceful , exciting or inspiring and that’s okay. That’s life, right? But more days than not, I’m happy. Very happy.

I have a strong, lovely, loving community of fantastic people in my life..I have a friend that says, you need that person that you can call at 3am when your car has broken down in the Lincoln Tunnel who will come get you. I have many of those kinds of people in my life. In many different places. I have so much gratitude for that. I didn’t grow up with a family who believed in that kind of lovwe and care. I grew up with a lot of secrecy and half-truths. I grew up hiding who we really were. So, this feels so freeing and amazing.

This year one of my words for the year was Celebrate. And I haven’t been able to do that for my birthday for a while. When I turned 50, a family member had a medical emergency and last year was the middle of the pandemic/ So, this year I’m CELEBRATING!

I’m splitting June between our two hometowns and having lunch, coffee, tea and even some Prosecco with friends from all over.

What are you celebrating? it doesn’t have to be anything big. I’m a big believer in the power of celebration. Attention must be paid. Being a yogi means that I am present in this moment, that I notice and savor my life. I think that’s what celebrating is all about. You don’t have to spend lots of money or even do anything extra special, it’s about savoring, honoring and paying attention.

What will you celebrate this month?


My Office Today


THIS is my office today and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Something that used to be a part of my weekly habits is now a rare and wonderful adventure.

I don’t know what your city has been doing, but in our county we’ve been extremely careful and the cafe at Starbucks has been mostly closed the past few months. And before that I wasn’t really going out to coffee shops.

So, today, fully vaccinated and with one of those day-long drizzles outside I’m grabbing the perfect opportunity to hunker down, drink too much caffeine and get some work done. To be honest, I just switched to herbal tea, cause it was getting to everything; my stomach, my head, my mouth (running 1,000 words a minute).

It’s a little thing. A little treat. After the last 18 months it feels like a huge thing.

AND, I even ordered a latte, which I don’t often do,. I’m a black coffee kinda woman. Which, to this midwesterner means just coffee. When I lived on the East Coast they’d always ask if I wanted sugar in my black coffee and I’d say, No just black. They always gave me strange looks.

But today was a latte and Peach herbal tea kinda day. And obviously a little reminiscing. I think I’ve been longing for some things from my past, pre-pandemicc life, but just that fond remembering feels new. The perfect kind of mood for Memorial Day. A day to remember.

Grab your journal, if it’s that kinda day, cause these are great journal prompts to help you be present with the moment and this holiday. Share your answer in the comments, if your feel compelled and comfortable doing so!

What little thing are you indulging in that feels huge?

What are you remembering today?


Pop-Up Yoga and Food Donations

Just a quick note.

We’re Popping-Up tonight and tomorrow. Join us!

I don’t often post things like this here, but you’re part of my community too and I want to include in all the information that everyone else gets.

I started teaching Pop-Up Yoga years ago, but over the last few months I’ve pulled back on regularly scheduled classes so you can have class when and how you need it.

There’s a Pop-Up class tonight at 7p, central time. Join us for Slow Flow from the comfort of your home. It’s always your practice, so you decide how gentle or how energetic you want to be.

Tomorrow morning we’re practicing Yin Yoga at 10a, also central time. This is a gentle practice that invites you to hold stretches longer to really relax, lengthen your muscles and feel them get leaner.

All our classes are donation-based. Not only do you get yoga when you want it, but also you get to pay what works for your finances. Your donation goes to keeping the website up and making sure I have gas in my car and can have electricity, but it also goes to feeding people with food insecurity and instability.

Mostly it means that A Yogi Kitchen’s kitchen cooks for a local community pantry, but sometimes we also make meal and food deliveries to families in need and donate non-perishables to local food banks.

Want to see more of what we do? You can follow A Yogi Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

Hope to see you in class soon!

If you’d like to see descriptions of classes, donate, or find out about wellness coaching, hop over to the website.


Human Is Not A Dirty Word

It’s May! It’s not just May, it’s towards the end of May. Well, how did that happen? At first it was, Wait! What? It’s May? How can it be the fifth month?

But now, it’s even worse, it’s almost the end of the month and I’ve barely wrapped my head around the fact that it’s 2021. I just had a pop-up on Instagram selling 2022 calendars.


And I have to admit, I’m thinking a bit about what life looks like next year. Afterall, we’re almost halfway there. I kinda hate that, though.

Now, I’m old enough that I had to wrap my head around the new century as an adult. I went through Y2K, and I’m proud to say we did not panic or do weird stock-piling. I have worked with ADULTs who were born in the 90s. I’ve adapted. (I know I’m making myself sound like I’m a million years old)

But really? 2022?!?!

I guess the hardest part about it isn’t that it makes me feel old, no way! I love being my age. I love getting older. I think the hardest part is that I feel like I missed a year (or so). I feel like I woke up after some nutty, long-rambling dream and it’s the middle of a new year.

I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I think for many of us, it’s that it doesn’t feel like we got a 2020 and so far, not much of a 2021. I mean, I know. obviously we got it. It happened. It doesn’t matter that it feels like a dream or a season of Dallas. It actually did happen and, I know, that the reason it feels weird is that humans are so good at expectations.

If something doesn’t meet our expectations, we dismiss it. When we build something up, like our sweet sixteen or even our wedding and it doesn’t meet the expectation, which it never, hardly ever does, then we need a redo.

I kinda feel like I need a redo of 2020. I’m not saying that I want to erase the pandemic or even, the last administration, I’m just saying it doesn’t seem like we got 2020.

Well, I’m going to have to adjust to all of this, cause a redo isn’t happening and it really is May 2021.

Here’s the lesson that yoga taught me, though. Life happens. Having expectations of what should happen is being in the future. Having regret is living in the past. Being in the moment means that I don’t ask for a redo, I don’t get surprised that we’re in the fifth month of the year. I am present and accept everything about this moment.

Does this mean that I failed? Cause, afterall, I started out by saying that it can’t really be May and then that I want a redo.

It doesn’t mean that I failed. it means that I’m human. While being human is hard, it’s not a failure. It means that with all the things I’ve learned over the years, with being a spiritual being, with being the age I am, I’m still going to fuck-up. I’m still going to do things like want to stick my head in the sand, rather than deal with tough stuff immediately. It means I’m still going to ask for redos and be surprised by the date.

It’s okay to be human. Human is good.

Hyman means that I’m capable of huge compassion and empathy. It means that I’m constantly learning and growing. It means that who I am today is not static. Who I am tomorrow, next week, next year will be different. That’s a gift.

Who are you today?

This is an excellent moment to grab you journal (even if you’re not a journaler) or a piece of paper and record who you are in this moment. What if you were to do that everyday for the next seven days? Would you be surprised? Would it recognizable? This is the first step to awareness. Just recognizing the moment IS awareness. Try it!

Want to explore who you are body/mind/spirit? Text me for a Pop-Up Yoga practice.
785-760-5412. It’s yoga how and when you want it.


Pop-Up Yoga

A few years ago I started teaching Pop-Up Yoga. The idea was that you could request a class for when it worked for you. Need an early morning. class this week cause you’re working late every night? You could text me and I’d let the rest of our yoga community know. If at least three people wanted a class, we’d have one.

When the pandemic began, I shifted Pop-Up Yoga to Zoom. It changed everything. Now people who’d known me for years could now take a class with me. Former students who’d moved away could come back to class. I removed some restrictions.

During the early days of the pandemic I decided that if I could do a class, we would have class, regardless of how many people could join us. I felt that yoga practice was especially important during this stressful,frightening time. That practice has continued today. it turns out I really love teaching online and will probably continue to do it for as long as I teach.

One of the gifts of the pandemic has been how quickly we’ve been able to shift or pivot. My partner and I had been splitting our time between Chicago and Lawrence, KS but decided to stay put in Lawrence during the worst time of the pandemic. It changed how we lived our life. The numbers in Chicago were always higher than Lawrence and we weren’t seeing family anyway. Our house in Lawrence has a big yard, so we could socially distance and see our non-at-risk friends outside. I taught Yoga in the Park.

A Yogi Kitchen is no exception to the quick changes. The pandemic has given me an opportunity to shift and pivot in some ways that I’d always dreamed of, but hadn’t thought I could put into place.

Today, it’s rainy and cold in Lawrence. So, it’s time to put the flexibility I’ve gained on the mat into my everyday. I call this life Off The Mat. My sweet partner is out of town, so I’m spending the day on the computer. I’m getting ready for BreatheOnline in June. there’s lots of course planning and writing.

The rain will make the ground soggy tomorrow, so Yoga in the Park is cancelled. Then I got a text from a student wanting a Pop-Up Yoga class. It worked out so perfectly to just do the Pop-Up at 1p, where we’d normally be at the park. Shift and pivot, be flexible, a gift.

I believe in empowering students to take responsibility for their own practice. It’s always imperative that you listen to your body and stay on your own mat, rather than be influenced by other yogis in the room, your own expectations or even your yoga teacher. If a yoga instructor tells you to do something that doesn’t feel right or you know is too advanced for you, don’t do it. Understand your limits, your needs and who you are in the moment. A headstand in last week’s class isn’t necessarily a good reason to do one this week.

Pop-Up Yoga takes this one step farther. You get to practice when you want, how you want. It asks you to get quiet and listen to who are and make your own decisions rather than blindly follow a schedule. Perhaps yoga in the early morning isn’t the best for who you are mind/body/spirit. Request a class for the evening.

So, tomorrow you have an opportunity to try a Pop-Up Yoga class in the middle of the day, which we don’t often have class. If you’ve been interested in A Yogi Kitchen classes, but times haven’t worked, this is the perfect chance to try one out.

Join us Saturday (tomorrow), 1p, central time on Zoom. ID and Password are on the website. Text me, 785-760-5412 if you’d like to request a class. The best way is to give 24 hours notice, but sometimes less works out.

If you have any requests to help me be more of service to our community, please let me know! I love getting feedback.